Mother & Daughter Workshop

RBU Mother Daughter work

Imagine the possibility!

A Mother is defined as a woman in relation to her child or children.

A Daughter is defined as a girl or woman in relation to her parents.

In this workshop experience, our goal is to bring forth your voice so those who love you can know you and see you as you really are.

There is no voice louder inside a young girl than that of her mothers or the older women in her life as she matures. Knowing how to discern their own inner guidance from the external cues gives birth to confidence, grace, and better relation to self and therefore each other.

You can expect:

·To interact beyond the hurt, guilt, and disappointments.

·To learn who we are as individuals.

·To learn where we were held back by expectation.

·To learn skills to communicate better and without the feeling of doing it wrong.

We welcome all ages and stages with or without your mom to join us for

laughter and story-telling.

  • Why every argument, stress meltdown or misunderstanding is a golden opportunity.
  • How to connect to your daughter’s heart — and not make the mistake of taking her behavior personally (really, mama).

What do get out of it?

A meaningful relationship with each other.

A photograph session at the send of the workshop.

Come Out Of It With New Eyes

Please send us your information below if you are interested in making a Real change in your relationship.


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