“Let’s Be Real”

“Real Beauty: Uncovered” provides schools with a comprehensive “Let’s Be Real” educational program, designed to help students develop an authentic sense of their own beauty and value regardless of society’s constraints and peer pressure. It promotes the understanding that beauty comes from within. In a world where touched-up and altered images in the media distort our perceptions, “Real Beauty: Uncovered” challenges students to accept themselves for who they really are. Through this lesson of self-acceptance, students are given the tools to boost their confidence, deal with bulling, eating disorders, and appreciate others as well.   This program is made up of a series of classes for students, an interview/ photography session with each participant and a culminating event for students and the community as a whole.
Beyond the photos we will use an experiential approach where students will receive language and understandings that promote acceptance, resilience, and authenticity in their character.
Through skits,journaling, collaborative art projects, and collages the students will learn self-expression,deep connections, compassion, and responsible decision making.
Programs format range from 2 to 6 weeks optiona depending upon your needs.
 Grades 4-12; Price on request
“What a wonderful and inspirational program! “Let’s Be Real” moved both the students and the staff!” Says E. Angelo’s, a Prevention Specialist at Eastside High in Paterson