I’ve been taking the time to honor all the things that have happen in my life.  All the wonderful changes that I’ve been blessed with.

As winter is almost here and my birthday is around the corner  I am taking the time to really reminisce on all that has happen.  Taking the time to notice and reflect on all the things that make up who I am.  Through Real Beauty: Uncovered I have listened to women who have been gracious enough to allow me to see a glimpse of their lives. And I have learned this:

Honoring the girl who has been angry and hurt. Honor the girl who had to leave the only place that she knew to embark on a new adventure. Honor the girl who has tried to be perfect, only to realize that she was perfect all along. Honor the girl who tried her best!  Honor your lessons and the mistakes as they are the milestones to the woman today.  Honor the girl who has felt broken and didn’t ask for help. Know that we are all together standing there holding you close.

Be kind to yourself and others, be patient for those who are still learning. Live life to it’s fullest. Don’t ever stop to apologize for who you are but keep learning!  Know that your flaws are perfect too and that you are an artist to the canvas that never stops painting.

Listen! Not only to your voice but to someone else’s.

Most importantly LOVE.  Love without expectation.  Love as you want to be loved.  Listen as you want to be listened. Respect as you wanted to be respected.

The most important lessons in life are learned through mistakes.  Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing; just learn and try not to repeat.  Life is as hard as you allow it to be.

And remember to Just Be You!





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