The ‘F’ Word..


One of the few words that brings up a whole bunch of emotions for both sexes.

There are a lot of myths out there about Feminism

There area lot of myths about what it means to be a feminist – that feminist hate men, eschew “girly” things like dresses and heels, look down on stay-at-home moms, and want to take all the world’s power out of men’s hands.

And none of them are true – at least not universally.

Sure, there are outliers that fit the stereotype of every group. Some people who call themselves feminists certainly do hate men. And yes, some feminists do not want to wear four-inch heels that make their toes bleed. But man-hating, power-hungry, totalitarian nastiness is not what feminism is about.

Personally, I like Sam Killerman’s definition: “to create a society in which individuals’ genders don’t restrict them from an equitable shot at success and happiness.”

My journey is to at least help tear down the walls that have haunted women since comparison started.  Comparison in which we have done to ourselves and to each other.

Feminism is part of the journey to equality, the other is to stop tearing ourselves down. Stop comparing yourself to “the other girl.”  Know that you are really enough and that you are beautiful just the way you are.  I have always seen people with a light that shines through at different times in our lives.  Sometimes we are in the lime light and other times we are standing by watching the others shine.

In the end we all have our turn.





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