Listen to yourself…

Hi, my name is Dani. I am a photographer who really believes in photographing the real, the messiness of life, the things that imprint a memory and create a feeling.  I love getting into a person’s world and capturing the essence of that moment and that person.

Real Beauty: Uncovered was started years ago when I started to rediscover who I was. Going through some rough patches in my life taught me so many things about myself and who and where I wanted to be. I remember the journey took me back to Chile, where I was born and where I feel the most at ease and myself. This trip filled my soul and reminded me of things that I had forgotten, including learning the things that I liked and disliked. At that moment, I started to come back to from the place to which I had gone after taking a wrong turn, remembering to learn all the lessons that were in front of me.

After my journey, I stand strong, non-critical, and loving. Knowing that all the decisions that were made, were made for my children and myself.   It’s not easy to take a different road in life and some people may not understand why.  But the important thing is to trust.  Trust the journey in front of you.  Trust that you, too, are beautiful with all the flaws you have.  Trust that you don’t have to look like that image of perfection you have ingrained in your head, because you are your own perfection.

Real Beauty: Uncovered are the stories beyond the photographs of real women–and they will help you understand that beauty comes from within a woman. It is a project that focuses on capturing life and exploring the beauty of what is sincere.

Come and take that journey with me and join all of the brave women who have volunteered for Real Beauty: Uncovered!


2 thoughts on “Listen to yourself…

  1. I didn’t think of myself as beautiful growing up. However, after enduring a 32-year abusive marriage, and being left for beautiful sugar babies, I think of myself as downright lacking. I am trying to find who I am and how to silence those voices who say: “If you are tall, young with beautiful long hair, flawless skin, and carefree, then you deserve to be loved.”
    I would love to hire you to photograph me. I look horrific in pictures.
    Thank you for this wonderful project.


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